Please enter information in the form below to process registration for event Women's Retreat January 2023.

Please provide your medical info in the fields below.  We use this if anyone has a medical emergency we are able to either get your medication if you forgot it or provide paramedics with info that they can use to your benefit in and emergency.

The full cost of the retreat is $150.  We require a $60 deposit to hold your spot on the retreat (NON REFUNDABLE), which is already added to the form.  If you wish to pay for the whole retreat you just need to add $90 in the field below or whichever amount you want to put in.   The retreats get filled up quickly please reserve your spot today.  (In the field below just add the number you want to pay. NO DOLLAR SYMBOL.  ex: 100)

Here is a quick check List of the things to bring.  Toothpaste, Towel, Twin bed sheets, A Pillow, A Blanket, Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner, Money for gift store and extra snacks.

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